Educational Sponsorship for Terror Victims

Meet Floyd Martis.

The fateful day of 26/11 eroded the life of many people including the lives of many employees working at the Taj hotel-which turned out to be a battle ground for the terrorist and police. Faustin Basil Martis,49 had served at the Taj hotels for the past 27 years and breathed his last at the hotel when he was shot by the terrorists. Like many employees he decided to stay back and help the customers till the end.

His daughter Priya too was an employee at the IT Department of the Taj , but survived the attacks and was rescued after 36 hours. Faustine’s son-Floyd Martis was just appearing for his SSC exams and was deeply shattered with the entire episode. The tragic death of his father made it hard for Floyd and their family to envision their future and the way ahead. Just when all hope was lost, Ratna Nidhis Educational scholarship landed as a blessing in disguise for Floyd Martis.

With the aid of our scholarship he was able to do wonders with his life. He was able to pursue his Bachelors in Engineering from Xaviers Institute of Engineering, Mumbai and is finally undergoing training as a Systems Engineer at Infosys, Mysuru. Ratna Nidhis scholarship and support enabled Floyd to fulfill his father’s wishes to become an engineer.


“If today I have to raise a toast to my Success, it would be to Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, an organization that grants you a NEW LIFE.”- Floyd Martis

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