Health and Mobility

 Ratna Nidhi has been a pioneer in organizing mobility camps across India for close to fifteen years. In various cities throughout India, our mobility camps provide prosthetic legs, calipers, crutches and wheel chairs, thereby providing mobility and self-esteem to thousands of people who suffer from physical disability. We also provide hearing aids to our beneficiaries.

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has a fully-fledged Jaipur Foot and Caliper fitment center at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai which is manned by trained technicians and equipped with all the machinery required to fabricate Jaipur Foot or Calipers within a matter of hours. An orthopedically impaired patient is welcome here at any time to give their measurements and avail of the appropriate customized appliance that can change their lives forever. We provide the following services at our center:

1. Fitting of Calipers to polio affected children/youth.

2. Fitting of Jaipur foot prosthetics to amputees.

3. Distribution of Hearing aids with Audiogram



We have earlier worked in the regions of Leh, Kargil, Srinagar, and Dharamsala, in the border areas of Rajouri and Poonch, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and developing nations abroad. We have also set up a permanent Mobility centre to aid the disabled in Mumbai. Till date we have distributed 2,47,532 mobility equipment’s.

The camp at Palitana, Gujarat in 2009-10 was the largest of its kind giving a new lease of life to 28,549 disabled patients of Bhavnagar and adjoining districts. The camp was inaugurated by Honourable Chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi and was graced by the presence of His Holiness- The Dalai lama. 



In the year 2016, Ratna Nidhi won the Google Impact Challenge for Disability Award for a breakthrough innovative technology that will have a positive impact for people living with disabilities. In collaboration with and IIT Bombay we are developing the Ratna Nidhi Leg, a well-fitting artificial leg through the use of 3D scanning and printing technologies. Ratna Nidhi is working with BETiC - Biomedical Engineering and Technology (incubation) Centre at IIT Bombay and to leverage portable 3D scanning coupled with low-cost 3D printing technologies, to fabricate plastic models of residual limbs to support the socket manufacturing process. The scanner will allow technicians deployed in the field to quickly and accurately measure residual limb dimensions.

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