Future Stars of India

Your Support, Thier Dreams

In the bustling lanes of India, bright young minds are waiting for a chance. A chance to learn, to grow, to become the rising stars of tomorrow. Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust's Girl/Boy Child Scholarship Project is that chance. But we need your support. Sponsor a dream today.
Unlock Potential - Educate a Child 
Education is the key that unlocks potential. A small donation of USD 150 can be the key to a child's future. Join us in nurturing the minds that will shape tomorrow.  
Our Process - A Commitment to Excellence
We don't just provide scholarships; we invest in futures: 
Step-by-Step Selection Process   
  1. Identifying the Eligible Students: Working with schools, parents, and communities to find bright students in the 7th, 8th, and 9th standards with potential.
  2. Collecting the Relevant Documentation: Detailed documentation helps us understand the need of each student.
  3. Stage-1 Zoom Call Interviews: Assessing students' academics, general knowledge, problem-solving, creativity, interests, hobbies, and aspirations.
  4. Stage-2 Personal Interviews: Conducted in person with reading exercises, math exercises, and questions related to academics, general knowledge, problem-solving, and creativity.
  5. Surprise House Visit: To confirm eligibility and assess the overall living conditions of the student.
  6. Awarding the Scholarship: A 50% scholarship to eligible students, guiding them toward a brighter future.

Sponsor a Rising Star of India

Mentoring Program - Guiding Stars to Shine
Our relationship with students goes beyond scholarships. We mentor, guide, and inspire. Through continuous support, training, and personal development, we ensure that each student becomes a confident, empowered individual. We don't just fund education; we nurture dreams. 
The Need - A Cry for Opportunity
In the heart of India, many gifted children are silenced by poverty. They have the talent, the drive, but lack the means. Your donation is their voice, their opportunity, their future.

The Change - Building Brighter Futures
With each scholarship, we're not just funding education; we're building confidence, igniting passion, creating leaders. Feel the joy of shaping a life, building a future, crafting destiny.   

The Impact - Touching Lives, One Child at a Time
Our scholarship project has touched lives, changed destinies, and created a ripple of hope. Be part of this beautiful journey. Be the wind beneath their wings.
Problem: Talented Children Trapped in Poverty
Bright young minds in India are trapped in a cycle of poverty. They have dreams, potential, but no path to realize them.
Agitate: The Tragedy of Wasted Potential
The pain of wasted potential is a loss for the entire nation. It's an unfulfilled promise, a dream never realized. But you can change that. 

Inoculate: Our Scholarship and Mentoring Program 
We offer not just scholarships but a complete mentoring program that transforms lives. We have the solution, but we need you to be part of it.  

New Way: Sponsor a Dream 
This is a new way, a better way. Sponsor a child's education today and feel the joy, the pride, the blessing of shaping the future of young India.   

Sponsor a Rising Star of India - Donate USD 150  
This is not just a donation; it's a beacon of hope, a promise of a brighter future. Donate Now and feel the happiness, the joy, the blessing of shaping the future of young India.

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Payment Options:


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