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Fourteen-year-old Manisha Wankhede hails from a slum community in Cuffe Parade and lives along with her parents and siblings. She is currently a student at the Prabhu Seminary High School in Girgaon. Her father works as a driver while her mother does tailoring at home and takes orders for customers. Both the parents strive hard to make ends meet and to give the best to their children.

Manisha lives along with her four siblings. While her younger brother and sister study at a Primary School in Cuffe Parade – she and her other brother study in the High school there. At a young age she lost her younger sister to diarrhea and the loss still brings tears to her eyes.

Her family is reeling under huge debt and have loans to pay back. Growing up seeing struggle at a young age, has made Manisha extremely mature and sensitive.

Manisha steps into school on an empty stomach without any breakfast in the morning. She shares

“The meal provided by Ratna Nidhi is the first meal of the day. The food

enables me to concentrate well in class and study well. My family is happy knowing that their daughter is receiving a good education and healthy meal every single day.”

She loves studying and dreams to become a police woman as she grows up. She has planned her next step into the college she wants to join and is willing to work and study, to ease her parents off their financial burdens.

Ratna Nidhi’s meal maybe a small drop in the large ocean of her life. However, it is a key contributor in helping her stay nourished and pursue her education despite all odds.

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